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Sleep Apnea & OSA Treatment

Sleep Apnoea is a serious sleeping disorder that occurs when a person's breathing is interrupted during sleep. Multiple specialists are required to treat sleep apnoea and through their collaboration, a suitable treatment plan will be developed.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea occurs when the airways are partially or completely obstructed during sleep. Your muscles will naturally relax during sleep, including those that control the tongue and throat, which narrows the airways.

This becomes a problem when breathing and oxygen intake is dramatically reduced or stops entirely in a recurring pattern. Oxygen levels will fall causing your body to wake from sleep to restart your natural breathing pattern. These episodes will happen continuously throughout the night.

A broken, interrupted sleep from lack of oxygen to the brain causes poor concentration and slow metabolism, hence heightening the chance of micro-sleeps whilst operating a vehicle or operation of machinery in the workplace.

Studies show sufferers of Sleep Apnoea are at least four times more likely to have a motor vehicle accident. Snoring, restless movements, chronic fatigue, along with laboured or interrupted breathing throughout the night are key symptoms of sleep apnoea. Family, friends or partners may notice these more than the person themselves as sufferers are often unaware of these episodes


As sufferers are mostly unaware of their sleep and breathing patterns, an overnight ‘sleep study’ through a Sleep Physician is necessary for diagnosis through the measure of sleep, breathing and oxygen levels.

Our Orthodontists have had great success working in collaboration with Sleep Physicians to develop removable devices which prop the lower jaw forward, opening the airways and enabling the individual to maintain continuous breathing, to create a stable sleeping pattern and enhance wellbeing.