Give a Smile

Making smiles more possible for every child

We're proud supporters of 'Give a Smile', a non-for-profit organisation which brings a confident smile to the faces of children in lower income families, for whom professional orthodontic treatment would normally be out of reach. The organisation gives Orthodontists the opportunity to give back to the community in a simple and effective way. All work undertaken for every Give a Smile patient is done pro-bono and with the highest level of care and professionalism. Each year we provide a child patient with a full, comprehensive treatment with no fee, giving them one of the best assets in life - their smile!

Their Story

When Dr. Ted Crawford took over the presidency of the Australian Society of Orthodontists in 2014, he did so with a mission - an avowed intent to 'do something useful'. Give a Smile is the result of that mission.

Having successfully navigated the operational differences between each state’s dental health department, Give a Smile was established to allow ASO members to receive one patient each year from the public dental waiting lists and to treat them for free in their private practice.

To this day, the Give a Smile Committee runs the program with the invaluable help of a willing team of volunteers, generous supporters and, of course, the many Give a Smile orthodontists throughout Australia. Give a Smile celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015 as well as celebrated the milestone of treating its 1500th patient in the same year.

Patient Eligibility

For a child to be eligible to receive Orthodontic treatment under the Give a Smile program, that patient must already be on the waiting list for Orthodontic treatment in the public dental service of the State or Territory in which they live.


  1. You need to be a Health Care Card holder or Pension Card holder.
  2. You or your child must already be on the waiting list for orthodontic treatment in the public dental service of the state or territory where you live. Contact details can be found below.

Note: Patients are allocated to Give a Smile™ from the top of the public orthodontic waiting list. For full details, please download this PDF summarising patient eligibility requirements download here. Please contact your relevant state and territory dental health service for further information.