Child Orthodontics

Braces & Treatments for Children

Child Orthopaedic treatment plays a vital role in childhood development. Early evaluation is crucial to assist in correcting growth and jaw development, preventing the need for more serious orthodontic treatment in future.

According to studies of applicability of interceptive orthodontics, the most suitable time for treatment is from the age of 6 to 12 years, allowing for modification of the oral dentition before the eruption of permanent “adult” teeth. The Australian Society of Orthodontics recommend an orthodontic consultation before the age of 7 to allow for the monitoring of correct skeletal and oral development throughout childhood.

Not only does interceptive treatment encourage and correct growth developmental patterns, but can ease cases of paediatric sleep apnoea by widening narrow, restricted airways through the expansion of the dentition which can disturb a child’s ability to sleep and breathe correctly, leaving them feeling tired and unable to concentrate. Problem behaviours such as thumb sucking and dummy/pacifier reliance can also be corrected through the use of a fixed appliance.